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In 2014 Richard Gonda presented in Formula Acceleration 1 Championship and he won the 3rd place in overall standing. He competed in gorgeous fights with his rivals at famous circuits as Monza or Nürburgring. He also drove a prestigious competition of Auto GP at city track in Morroccan Marrakech. He absolved a successful testing of Formula Renault 3.5 in prestigious championship of World Series by Renault in the end of season. 

Formula Acceleration 1 

Richard absolved the 2014 season in team Piercarlo Ghinzani who is a F1 former driver. Richard finished his race season with 3rd place in overall standing with total 94 points. He totally stood 4 times in podium. Formula Acceleration 1 Championship started at 5 race circuits – in Portugal Algarve, Spanish Navarra, German Nürburgring, Italian Monza and Netherlandish Assen which was a last race circuit. There were 2 days of races during the race weekend.

Date Country Circuit Result
26.4. Portugal Algarve 5th place
27.4. Portugal Algarve DNF
3.5. Spain Navarra 3rd place
4.5. Spain Navarra DNF
24.5. Germany Nürburgring 3rd place
25.5. Germany Nürburgring 2nd place
7.6. Italy Monza 4th place
8.6. Italy Monza 4th place
19.10. The Netherlands Assen 3rd place
19.10. The Netherlands Assen 6th place





Testing of Formula Renault 3.5

Richard Gonda finished his successful season 2014 in Spanish Jerez. He was invited to French team Tech 1 Racing at official testing of Formula Renault 3.5. Richard tried new formula monopost with system DRS during 2 testing days. He was in competition of 20 drivers and he achieved a great 8th place in 2nd testing day. It was a finish of his successful 2014 season. What does this future hold for him? We strongly hope that he will drive successful in top formula championships and he will present Slovakia in over the world. 

Formula Renault 3.5Richard Gonda vo Formule Renault 3.5Formula Renault 3.5