THE INSIDER, Shake yo helmet Slovak Driver #19 Jenzer Motorsport   05.06.2016

What does a helmet mean to driver? Here you can find, what does it mean for Richard. Magazine The Insider and its 95th issue is writing about Jenzer motorsports drivers and their helmets. 

Richard Gonda: "For me the most important thing about my lid is having the right colours, as that means something to me whereas the lines and design don’t matter so much. Red reminds me of when I was a child racing in karts so that is very important. I believe the red brings me good luck so I hope it will do again this season (Laughs)! The red also looks good as it matches the car. The silver, black and gold add something extra to the design – I think it gives it a luxurious look. For the previous three years, I have just worn a plain black helmet but I’m very happy to be in GP3 so I wanted a special helmet for this season.!

 Richards helmet has a brand new design in 2016 thanks to JKDesign. 

source: Page 27 The INSIDER 95, June 2016,